Plastic Apples

So i took a trip to Lidl. Now this always annoys me when I go into the fruit and veg section, I like my fruit and veg but not when it comes covered in plastic, this usually poses a big problem in Lidl… Finding some fruit or veg not in plastic is pretty difficult so my options for a bit of healthy eating are a bit limited, limited to some avocados and some pairs and apples if I’m lucky. But if I want some toffee or some chocolate on my apples, oh no, if you like chocolate you must loooove plastic. What a better way to train your children that food must come covered in plastic for it to be clean?
Lidl are doing a fine job of this with their plastic covered toffee or chocolate apples. Well done Lidl, you must be really trying hard to be even more wasteful than your bitter rival Aldi.

Lidl Plastic Apples
Oh look below the apples, is that some fruit or veg not covered in plastic?? Oh no, it’s just an empty space awaiting some fruit encased in plastic.

The worst thing is, these are for Halloween, and Halloween is notorious for the horrors of plastic it generates. So much throw away tat is made for Halloween I guess these are just joining in the scary fun reminding us of a bleak nightmare future where there is more plastic in the sea than fish… Oh wait a minute…