Stovel & Mason Shirt

Stovel & Mason Shirt

OK so maybe I’m picking out Stovel & Mason here amongst a thousand other makes of fashion brands who do the same with shirts but I suppose it doens’t make it OK just because everyone else is bad.

Stovel & Mason ShirtI’ve got no idea why shirts can’t just be on a hanger (preferably made of wood instead of plastic but I think I may be asking too much there!), that way you can actually see the shirt hanging, you can feel the material and get a much better sense of what it’s like, but oh no, for some reason only known to the gods of retail shirts must always be in a little plastic pouch thing, one hundred and two little random bits of plastic card and even metal. I counted 16 different bits of packaging on this shirt, admittedly it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen but still that’s 15 more than needed.

Stovel & Mason Shirt

Count’em and weep

Shops accept returns if clothes don’t fit, so isn’t this just a hassle for the retailer and then the manufacturer if a shirt gets returned with all those random bits of plastic? And who is the poor bugger who has to package this shirt up? Probably some kid in a developing country getting paid sod all to clip silly little bits of plastic to the cuffs and collar (OK so I don’t know this but if Stovel & Mason have full details of their supply chain I’d be happy to share them)

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