Welcome to the plastic littered world of overpackaging

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Screwfix packaging
Overpackaging examples


The white box contains a single switch socket (9cm by 9cm), the box it came in is roughly 55cm long by 35cm wide by 25cm deep! The funny thing is, the packaging actually cost more than the socket! £4 for the socket and another £6 for the extra litter, thanks very much Screwfix.

Canon Ink cartridge
Overpackaging examples

Canon ink cartridge

The small grey object you can see in the middle of the picture is an ink cartridge, most of the rest of the stuff you see is waste. The cartridge comes in a small sealed plastic pouch, which is in a box with various papers. This is then packaged in an entirely unnecessary plastic container …

Carte Noire packaging
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Carte Noire

This is a Kraft Coffee Brand – like Kenco and Maxwell House. The outer lid clips over the inner screwcap. It performs no function. It is purely cosmetic. It weighs 15gm – so for every million jars sold, 15 tons of polypropylene are wasted. How many million jars do they sell per annum?

Flake Easter Egg
Overpackaging examples

Flake Easter Egg

Easter Eggs have to be one the most overpackaged products you can buy. This egg from Cadbury comes in a huge box, the egg is then suspended in a plastic frame, then of course wrapped again in foil. Nothing wrong with foil to keep it fresh but there is no need for such a huge …

Overpackaging examples

Cadbury Snaps

Cadbury’s snaps are small chocolates shaped a bit like Pringles. When you open up the packet you will be disappointed to find that the Snaps aren’t quite a big as a Pringle like you expected, this is because they needed to make room for all of the packaging of course! Cardboard box, silver wrapper, then …