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Stovel & Mason Shirt

Stovel & Mason Shirt

OK so maybe I’m picking out Stovel & Mason here amongst a thousand other makes of fashion brands who do the same with shirts but I suppose it doens’t make it OK just because everyone else is bad.

Stovel & Mason ShirtI’ve got no idea why shirts can’t just be on a hanger (preferably made of wood instead of plastic but I think I may be asking too much there!), that way you can actually see the shirt hanging, you can feel the material and get a much better sense of what it’s like, but oh no, for some reason only known to the gods of retail shirts must always be in a little plastic pouch thing, one hundred and two little random bits of plastic card and even metal. I counted 16 different bits of packaging on this shirt, admittedly it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen but still that’s 15 more than needed.

Stovel & Mason Shirt

Count’em and weep

Shops accept returns if clothes don’t fit, so isn’t this just a hassle for the retailer and then the manufacturer if a shirt gets returned with all those random bits of plastic? And who is the poor bugger who has to package this shirt up? Probably some kid in a developing country getting paid sod all to clip silly little bits of plastic to the cuffs and collar (OK so I don’t know this but if Stovel & Mason have full details of their supply chain I’d be happy to share them)

Just T shirts

Calvin Klein T shirts

OK, so you know when you get a shirt, you either see them on hangers, so you can see then properly, feel the material, get an idea of the fit, and even try them on, OR you get those stupid annoying shirts in packets with all those extra random bits of card, plastic and even metal clips to ensure the shirt is folded up to look nice while it’s IN A PACKET. Well you know what, Calvin Klein wanted to take this concept even further as they are a company who likes to be on the edge, always pushing the boundaries of innovation so they thought it would be a great idea to introduce this overpackaged shirt concept to T shirts as well. It’s worked out really well, managing to put the t shirts into a plastic box, with a plastic bag, plastic clips and some cardboard.