Two of the worst examples of overpackaging

Well hello and thank you for coming to Overpackaging. I’ve recently relaunched this site after building it many years ago and eventually not having the time to update it. I’d seen some pretty bad examples of wasteful packaging recently so I thought it would be getting the site back online and letting people add their pictures to name and shame poor environmentally unfriendly packaging.

So the new site has a nice and easy upload page where you can pop your pictures in and leave a little description of what it is and where it came from. I’ll get in contact with the offenders if it is particularly bad and share their response on here, you have to give them a chance right?

I came across this image on the Treading My Own Path Facebook page which kind of sums up what I want to see stopped with this site.

Two of the worst examples of overpackaging
Please tell me this is a joke…

I mean seriously, peeling fruit then putting it in plastic?? It won’t keep for anywhere near as long as if it was just left as is. Illustrates perfectly how people have been brainwashed into thinking just because something has plastic around it means it’s ‘clean’

And the coke cans…


Anyway I hope you enjoy the site and make sure you send your pictures in!