the plastic challenge

the plastic challengeThe Marine Conservation Society (MCS) are challenging you to give up plastic this month, with the plastic challenge! How long can you go? A day, a week or a month?? It may be harder than you think, going completely plastic free can be a real challenge with the amount of products that contain plastic and come in plastic packaging. It is possible, just have a look at Treading My Own Path for some inspiration on how to de-clutter your life and really go plastic free!

Plastic takes a long, long time to go away, and doesn’t truly degrade, at best it just breaks down into smaller particles but this in itself may be even worse. Up to 20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every single year, sealife such as dolphins, seals, turtles and orca will eat plastic mistaking it for real food. Really nasty toxins can stick to plastics and end up being consumed by fish, thus entering it into the food chain, these fish can end up being eaten by other fish, even polar bears. But it doesn’t end there, microplastics have been found in mussels, oyster and sea scallops, you can guess where they could end up after that if you eat seafood… yep, you and me. So that plastic wrapping you chucked away from your fancy electric toothbrush ended up in the sea, was eaten marine life, passed through some fish, maybe some birds and perhaps those tasty mussels you tucked into the other night, so yep it finally can end up in you.

Effects of plastic in the oceanThis website certainly isn’t going to change the world but I’d like to try and make more people aware of this, plastic is a new invention (before you say it’s been around for over 100 years, yes that IS new, the Earth is 4 billion years old) yet the world is quickly filling up with it. If you don’t believe me take a look around you, you’ll see it everywhere, if you are reading this on a phone or tablet it’s in your hands now, or if you are on a computer just look at your mouse, keyboard, screen. It’s on you right now, your clothes probably contain it and will most likely have been packaged in it. Whilst it has been a very useful invention it has been too successful or it’s own good, the ability to make anything in any shape with plastic has opened up so many possibilities but it has come at a price with is only going to get worse. The problem now is nothing really compared to what it will be like in 100 years if we don’t change our ways, it’s not like we can just blast it off into space (hang on a minute, maybe… no that’s a terrible idea!).

So if you’d like to help raise awareness and raise money for the Marine Conservation Society, share some ideas on how to cut your plastic usage  or just read more visit MCS.

You can register for the challenge here: Plastic challenge | Marine Conservation Society