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TP Link

TP-LINK Wireless-N Nano Adapter

So tech stuff is always bad isn’t it? Perhaps techies don’t give a crap about the environment? I don’t know, I don’t think so anyway. So if you like your tech you must get rather annoyed with the excess packaging.

So to those of you who aren’t very techy, this thing that I bought fits in a USB slot (where those memory stick thingys go), it’s really small, and lets your laptop or computer connect to wifi networks (if it can’t already for whatever reason). My reason is Windows 7 seems to be falling apart, it’s ran fine for years and I’ve used Windows 10, I also own Windows 10 which came on my laptop and I hate it. I bought a low spec 2 in 1 laptop tablet, I din’t need to do much on it so thought I could get away with a low spec. Well no, it was fine for a bit until Windows 10 wanted to do updates which essentially crippled the poor little thing and made it unusable, so much so that I’ve had to ditch Windows 10 on it and install Ubuntu. For the non techies this is an alternative open source (and free) operating system, pretty much exclusively used by geeks (not even hipsters have heard of it yet). Before installing this most people would say the laptop is dead, get a new one, well I’d say get a new operating system because it flies along now! There was nothing wrong with the hardware, just the software crippling it and almost pushing me to buying a new one and creating yet more unnecessary waste.

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Plastic Apples

Lidl Toffee/Plastic/Chocolate Apples

So i took a trip to Lidl. Now this always annoys me when I go into the fruit and veg section, I like my fruit and veg but not when it comes covered in plastic, this usually poses a big problem in Lidl… Finding some fruit or veg not in plastic is pretty difficult so my options for a bit of healthy eating are a bit limited, limited to some avocados and some pairs and apples if I’m lucky. But if I want some toffee or some chocolate on my apples, oh no, if you like chocolate you must loooove plastic. What a better way to train your children that food must come covered in plastic for it to be clean?
Lidl are doing a fine job of this with their plastic covered toffee or chocolate apples. Well done Lidl, you must be really trying hard to be even more wasteful than your bitter rival Aldi.

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