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Cadbury Snaps


I got the power

Cadbury’s snaps are small chocolates shaped a bit like Pringles. When you open up the packet you will be disappointed to find that the Snaps aren’t quite a big as a Pringle like you expected, this is because they needed to make room for all of the packaging of course! Cardboard box, silver wrapper, then a nice big bit of plastic to make sure you don’t get too many of them and leave a nice pile of rubbish behind you.

They do taste nice though.

Marks and Spencer shirt

Marks and Spencer Shirt

Marks and Spencer shirt

12 bits of plastic and just one shirt

One nice Marks & Spencer shirt, complete with 12 items of packaging:

One clear plastic outer wrapper

One card collar supporter

One clear plastic collar supporter

One rectangular card shirt supporter

One rectangular sheet of tissue

One rectangular plastic clip

One clear plastic collar supporter insert

One plastic cuff stud

One clear plastic clip

One card button insert

A length of ribbon with the words “pure cotton” written on it

One plastic carrier bag (not in photo)
Something to carry it all home in.

Of all twelve of these items only four of these are made of degradable materials.
This is not just any overpackaging, This is Marks & Spencer overpackaging.

Submitted by Michael Scott

Trident Splash

Trident Splash

Trident Splash

I wonder how many of these are splashing around in the ocean now?

In the fast moving and exciting world of chewing gum Trident are the new kids on the block.

To make a ‘splash’ they focused on making bigger packaging than Orbit/Wrigley’s first, then better gum second. Today’s demanding consumer won’t put up with his chewing gum sharing a package with other bits of chewing gum, no, each piece should have it’s own packet, you know they must be good if they need their own individual packet!

Junk food

Fast Food

Junk food

Food Junk

This delightful mess comes from three meals, McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. You could say that the stuff in the wasteful packaging is itself a waste product, but that’s just my opinion (I had to say it’s just my opinion and not fact incase Ronald gets Mclible on my ass!) .

Capital One Junk Mail

Capital One

OK so it’s not strictly overpackaging of a product, but it’s just as bad. Every month one of these drops through my door, and every month I post it back to them saying in big writing, “PLEASE STOP SENDING ME THIS JUNK, AND TAKE ME OFF YOU MAILING LIST” But still like clockwork another arrives.

Capital One Junk Mail

Capital Junk Mail