Welcome to the plastic littered world of overpackaging. Overpackaging is a problem which seems to be on the increase at a time when it really should be on the decrease. The UK produces around 400 million tonnes of waste annually, most of which ends up in landfill sites.

This website aims to question the use of excessive packaging firstly by shaming the perpetrators by showing their grossly over-packaged goods and secondly to ask the retailers and manufacturers to explain themselves. Your help is required for this, take a look in your shopping basket and route out the worst offenders, photograph them and send them to us  for the world to see.

Once you have sent us your pictures, we will contact the company responsible and ask them to explain their reasons for packaging the items the way they do.

(Any small donations will be greatly appreciated and will help towards the running costs of this site).

Colgate Max White Colgate Max White - Toothpaste, it always comes in a plastic tube right? Well no as it turns out, but more on that later, let’s focus on the bad before the good. Tubes of toothpaste are fairly low cost. so what could justify a higher price point? Perhaps if it was a small independent company producing it without economies […]
Lidl Cardboard packaging Lidl Mandarins – Good! - I sometimes pop into Lidl on my way home from work, and would usually like to buy some fruit and veg but it really pisses me off as if I don’t want my fruit covered in plastic my choices are severely limited. So imagine my surprise when I saw these mandarins in… wait for it […]
TP Link TP-LINK Wireless-N Nano Adapter - So tech stuff is always bad isn’t it? Perhaps techies don’t give a crap about the environment? I don’t know, I don’t think so anyway. So if you like your tech you must get rather annoyed with the excess packaging. So to those of you who aren’t very techy, this thing that I bought fits […]
Plastic Apples Lidl Toffee/Plastic/Chocolate Apples - So i took a trip to Lidl. Now this always annoys me when I go into the fruit and veg section, I like my fruit and veg but not when it comes covered in plastic, this usually poses a big problem in Lidl… Finding some fruit or veg not in plastic is pretty difficult so […]
Morrisons Sushi Morrisons Topped Sushi Salad - OK, so you are probably thinking, yep this is in a plastic container but so is just about every other ready meal from environmentally irresponsible supermarkets like Morrisons, Tesco, ASDA et al. BUT the thing is, just as the public have finally woken up to the plastic problem and are starting to demand better alternative […]


The time has come to put a stop to this completely unnecessary waste of resources. Manufacturers and retailer’s main incentive for over packaging their  goods is branding and marketing. Most modern consumers have grown used to this overpackaging and in the case of supermarket fruit and veg actually prefer to buy the more heavily packaged items as they are perceived to be “cleaner” than the unpackaged ones.

Some examples of overpackaging

Badly packaged chewing gum lolly packaging Zyrtec